In my cokestoves, i try to maintaine the same clean burning, and high efficiency. But i´ll have to make a ballance between 2 goals,- naimly a good place to make food, and a efficiant heater for the house.
This ballance is individually from house to house.
Recently i have made some stoves, where you easyly can switch between theese two whishes. This is quit an advantage, because it makes heavy stoves more easy to use in the summertime (better draft in the chimney).

This is the first stove i made..

This is the smallest.

Until lately, the strangest one.

just another one.

and the biggest one.

This stove has approximatly the same weight, as the big masonry heaters,- about 2 tons, and it is build to heat up a little house, and supply the hotwatersystem throug a build in heatexchanger,- a system i have developed to use in every mansonry heater where it is relevant.

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