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I design my heaters to fit well into the specific house, as well as to the people who must live with it for many years. It is possibel to combine high efficiency and hot water, with a fancy design  !

A masonry heater is normally heated up with a single fire pr. day, (typically  in the evening, as a nice compete to the television). After a fire, that last for about 2 hours,- the heater will provide an ordinary house with a very eqal and nice warmth for at least the next 24 hours.
The upper chamber can, after the fire is out,- be used, as a bakeowen for bread, meals etc. and this with a very special and nice impackt to your creations.
The efficiency of these stoves are outstanding, compared to the in Denmark more common metal stoves, and boilers.
My stoves have been tested by the most rekognized and reputable institut in Europe, The Danish Thecnological Institut. The results was shortly, that 87% of the burningvalue of the wood (5,226kwh/kg dry wood minus 0,695kwh/kg water) became heat in the house, and approximately 10% went to the chimney as absolutely nessesary draft. In others words - very close to 100% efficiency, and of course,- very clean burning.

A masonry heater isn┤t just a masonry heater. It can be made in a lot of ways, and should be, because the needs are not the same from person to person.

"Hot" bench - smoke channel to the chiney.

Sometimes you want a cosey fire in the livingroom....

...and at the same time make sombody cook at good meal from the kitchen.


With Love
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