Learn how to build Masonry Heaters
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This work-shop has taken place with succes.

This summers international work-shop toke place in the small village Ete betwen Vienna and Budapest
 Participants from Hungary, Denmark, Japan, Austria and Canada
was teached by Lars Helbro and Frank Roedgaard Denmark
from 22-28 june 2008

Its was realy exiting for us to educate in Hungary.
22 participants and only half of them could speak english.
We had trouble with the powersuply, and lot of things, that we don´t pay mutch attention to at home,
caused wery long discussions in the Hungarian launguage.
Anyway - we had a lot of fun, we laughed a lot, and we worked.
In the little school, we builded a masonry-heater n the walls between the only two classrooms they had.
Surely, it will make a lot of difference for the kids, since the dependese from Russian oil and gas,
and the diference between the average income, and the cost of oil, didn´t mean mutch warmth for the children at school.

Latest news january 10s 2009
Got an email from Ete, where they tell me, that when the russians a few days ago turned of the gassupply
the masonry heater was the only comfort at the school. The outside temperature is - 15C. (+ 5 farenheit)
but in the classrooms + 18-21 celsius (64-70 farenheit)
The masonry heater is doing a perfect job !
I think the kids in that school is learning something very usefull.

Carl from Japan made a lot of videoclips.
i have put it together to this.

Some screenshots:

1.400km away from home, we arrived i the mittle of a hot summers day.
Not a soul on the street, exept from

him, and he hadn´t heard anything about a work-shop

Well, we found the mayor of the city, and he showed us to his summerhouse, where we where accomodated.
Amasing :-)


At the school we had to "tare down the wall", and we sang "We don´t need no education..."
But Frank insisted, and had his "birth" - educating a lot of people in a forring lanugage

...and he did a real excelent job !

Zsolt, who made it all possibel as the organiser, had a real hard job translating,
but once i a while he got time to make brickwork to

The stove was build, and there was still a lot of talking to do..

Peter had a lot of quistions about the combustion tecnics - knew a lot in advance,
and was very quicly to take new thougts into consideraition

Before we got that fare, some of the participants showed special skills

This guy, Pál from Budapest, turned out to be a magician with stones.

Later on he showed us some beautifull art, that  he had made from varius stones.
When my wife got the idea, that every participant should scratch there initials on eatch topstone on the stove
Páls of course looked "different" - gues whitch one :-)

Peter and Pál don´t live fare from each other, and they have allready helped each other to build another stove.
Surely, a combination of their skills (and the shortcut and the rastahair) will make them nothing less than Masters of Masonry heater building.
Could a teacher wish for more ?

Peter just send me this picture of the stove they just (allmost) finished.

Off course he looks tired, its a hard job, but look at the details !!!
Excelent for a first try on their own !!!
(Peter vouldn´t allowe me to show you this picture, because of the missing cleandoors, and maybe he hadn´t got a shower, but i promise
That imidiately he send me what he really want´s to show, youll get it)

Well - we didn´t work all the time.
In the evenings these dangerous guys turned up

When they where not in their winefields, they where places like this:

- and it was indeed wery coosy -
we where "forced" to taste everything :-)

Look at Franks face - ohh, its gonna be good !

One thing i forgot - the food
The wifes of Ete rouched arround to feed us all, and they did a fine job.

When you get tired, everything goes

The mayors wife, who where in charge in the kitchen - but where is the snow ?

Off we went - good by to the Mayor
(who actually toke active part of the masonry work, and lighted the firs fire !)

Thanks for a wonderfull time in your town and in your "castle" :-)

Lars, Sanne and Frank

Carl from Japan
Sanne (my wife)
and Peter fra Hungary
(perhaps a few of my own.)


Later on
Peter and Pál came to Denmark to learn more.

Frank and i had decided, that these two guys had the best skills to become great stovebuilders,
so we wanted to give them the best possibilyties we could.
On the other hand, Peter and Päl wanted to help us to get further with our work-shop center,
so we worked on that for one week, and made an intensive follow-up work-shop the next.

They did not dissapointed us.
Our litle "Gymse", who gives the most freedom in shapes and tecnical performance,
was builded by theese two guys under my guidance.

It works exelent, and as it showes, they are happy with the result.
And they should be !
Look at this !

Once again - thank you very mutch Peter and Päl for all your work, and for being sutch nice guys to be with.
(As professional stovebuilders, the last thing is not the lest important ;-)