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Workshop in Vilopriu Catalonia (North-east Spain) 24 of september to 1 of october.

Last call, please go to the gate ;-)
I was not sure if we could make this w.s. but we can. So im a little late to announce it.

We need to be at least 6 participants, better 8 but no more, so its an intensive course where you will learn a lot, and thats my primarely goal

We speak english, eat catalan, and enjoy the late summer here when its raining and windy in Denmark ;-)
Price as usual: 1000€ incl. accomodation in our 800 year old house and food.
Flight to Girona (some compagnies called it "Barcelona-GRO" use to be very cheap. Check it out.

If you want to participate please call me 0045 23 23 93 39 or email as soon as possibel.

Workshops 2016

It looks like several options this year !

On Drejoe as usual where we have the most creative playground.
This year it will be 2-9 juli (arival saturday, departure saturday)
Price as usual, program not yet finished.

Others are asking for workshops on there locations, so we have possibilities in:
Sweden, Mitjutland Denmark, Segovia north of Madrid, Vilopriu north of Catalonia and Sicily.
Time and price is still unknown at this time, but will be announced as fast as i know.

Out of shedule in 2015......
.....was a great w.s. we had here in Vilopriu Catalonia in november.
Suddenly i had all the conditions right for a workshop in this litle village where i spend a lot of time.
My neighbor and good friend Joseph Marsa desperately needed a good stove, and we can now accomodate the hole crew in our big house.
I just needed participants to take a very quick decission.
Then a guy called from Copenhagen and asked for a workshop for 8 persons a.s.a.p.
Just great :-)))))
And it became great !
Lots of fun and bears (handcraftsmen from Copenhagen that all knew eachother in advance)
It was special for me, and just for once i could teach in danish :-)
We will do that again for sure.

Pictures and more about this event will be here when its updated in a few days.


Work-Shops 2015

20-27 of june at Nygaarden Drejoe Denmark as usual.
We allready have 6 bookings before this announcement, so it seems like this anual "event" have become famous ;-)
This year from Grece, Uganda, Bulgaria, Ireland and Denmark - so fare. More is most welcome.
The more different people we are, the more fun we have, and the more different experiences we get.

Besides building one or two stoves, we will continue last years experiment with the smokewasher.
The set-up last year was sucesfull, but not optinmized, since it was never tryed before in that little scale.

Sten Moeller will be there as usual.
Music i dont know about yet, but sure it will be there too. We cannot do without it ;-)

Im working on making a w.s. at Mallorca in september.
More about that later.
Update: Unfortunately this will not happen. Great place but bad conditions :-(

Australia ?
More and more people ask me if i would make a workshop "down under".
Last year someone asked if i could do it at their place south of Sidney, but they needed to build the house first.
As allways - if there are participants enough, and the right conditions, we can have a workshop.
So dont hessitate if you want one.

International Work-Shop in Denmark 2014

21-28 of june at Nygaarden Drejoe as usual.
This year we begin with a party :-)
One of the participants bring his band, so be sure to arrive in good time saturday.

Besides learning about - and building stoves, we will try out a new tecnic, to make these stoves work without a chimney.
We will condensate the smoke, wash it, and only let out pure Co2.
At the same time this process will bring up the overall efficiency to about 120%
To do so, we will need a little electricity, but we will let the stove itself produce this by a thermogenerator.
Sten Moeller from Freeland will be the co-teatcher at this project.

A good friend and a colleg of mine, Jens Andersen, will bring a stove of his own kind.
He build stoves very different from me, so this is a chance to se how they look inside.

So we will have a lot of activities this year, and we still have room for more participants.
Price: 1000euros all incl.
More info or sign up:
Send me an email:

Same procedure as every year. Se youtube films from previus years here.

Work-Shop in Alsace France mai 11-18  2013
Primarely about cookstoves.
Jean-Yves (the host) wants cook-stoves in two floors connected to eatch other.
Education will be in engliah with frence translation.

More info in english Lars Helbro
More infor in Frenche Jean-Yves

Work-Shops in Catalonia 2013
We are planning at least 1 work-shop this year.
More info later.

Work-Shop in Hungary 2013
This is not scheduled yet, but we are working on it.


International work-shop in Denmark 2012
Week 25 - arival june 17 - departure june 24.

Steen Moeller will be guestteatcher again this year.
Only room for a few more so please be quick.
Accomodation this year is mutch better, in our old bathinghotel.
On the other hand you´ll need to suplly yourself with food (most of the time).
We do have fine places where you can buy a meal for little money, and the kitchen in the hotel is free to be used.


International work-shop in Denmark 2011
Week 26 - arival june 25 - departure juli 2.
So again - same time and place as last year, but not only that -

Since we had very great succes with as well Steen Moeller as guest teatcher, and Paul Banks wonderfull concert
both have agreed to join us again in 2011 :-))
Im still editing filmclips from 2010 workshop (takes a h... of a time) but it will be here as soon as im done.

In the meantime take a look at the film from 2009 (further down this page).

Leave a message in my emailbox if you would like to join us in 2011


Other work-shops in Europe where i´ll teatch in 2011

May - France ½ an hour south of Paris. Video on you-tube on its way.

June - here in DK (se above - more info later) (allmost booked up allready)

September: Bordeaux France august 26 -  september 2. (English/French translation, Spanish if needed).
Participant fee: 1.500 euros. More info in english  More info in french

Galisia Spain last week of sept. Workshop in cookstoves (Spanish and french translation.)
Participant fee: 750 euros
Se poster in spanish here.

Spring 2012:
U.S.A., France and Belgium
More about that later.

Out of present shedule, but still a possibility:
Somerset England (west of London) - late this summer is suggested, maybe next spring.

In doubt of anything ? Fell free to contact me !

International work-shop in Denmark 2010
Week 26 - arrival june 26 - departure juli 3
Same time and place as last year - allmost, since i have been asked to move arival and departior to saturdays instead of sundays.

Teatchers: Lars Helbro and Steen Moeller
Besides being a very nice and entertaining guy, Steen is probably one of the most experienced persons in Europe, when it comes to clay/cob/strawbale building.
He made the first serius and succesfull big strawbale house in DK, and have since founded a hole village (Friland) on his principals "Happy and without debt".

Special surprise this year (schould have been a surprice, but now its not):
Concert tuesday night with Paul Banks (get a taste here)
Or here at my films from MHA´s anual meeting at Wildacres USA 2010

Price for work-shop: 1.200 Euros = 1.636 US$
Primitive accomodation and good food included

Contact Lars Helbro

International work-shop Denmark 2009

This Work-shop has taken place.
>Take a look at this 10 minutes video to get an impression of what happend

We will definately do it again next year

Time:  june 28. to  juli  5.
Location: Drejoe, a very small island in the south of Denmark.
Participationfee: 1.000 Euros + 130 euros for food
Several different possibilities for accomodation from 0 euroes and up.

The last 3 years we have been working hard to make good conditions at this place, for develloping and educate in masonry heaters.
We are not finished yet, but we have come to the point, where it is possibel to begin, so we do.
Last years work-shop in Hungary told us, that this we can do mutch better at home. We hope we can live up to that.

At the work-shop we speak english. Only english. Translation takes far to mutch time and coarse a lot of misunderstandings.
You will be teached in theori as well as practical building on the beginners level, or where ever you might be in the level of skills.
The goal is, that when you return home, you will be able to build your own masonry heater. No matter what skills you have now.

The stoves we build at the work-shop, is not for further use, so you dont have to worry about if you might not be good enough !
This has been a problem for some in other work-shops, so here we only have to think about pure education.
The goal is not to build a nice stove, but to teach you how to do it.
The price is may be higher here than you are use to from other work-shops, but remember, that you are not here as paying labour.

If you catsh on, and want a repetition ore more skills ore practice, it will be possibel at a later time.
Two of the best student from Hungary was here later last summer to get an intensiv update whitch is nessesary if you want to make a living on building stoves.

Special guest this year will be Tom Trout from North Carolina, a very skilled masonry heaterbuilder "over there" who wants to show how to build a primitive but efficient cop-bakeowen. Im sure it will be a lot of fun and a big bit serius too.
I have been invited to the masonry heater assosiations anual meeting this year, where Tom allso will be, so i hope that he and i will bring back some of the spirit from theire work-shops

Bring your camera, take your own pictures, make your own drawings, make your own notes !
Only you know, what you dont know, ore what you cannot remember !

We do allready have participants on the list from France, Norway, U.K., Latvia, Israel, U.S.A and Denmark so dont hessitate.

Send an email to