The Masonry Heater Association of Europe

Many of us masonry heater builders in Europe once in a while click into the American MHA-Net.org  site .
May be you, as i, have had the thought: "Why don´t we in Europe have the same kind of organisation ?"
Well - i don`t know !
Maybe just because nobody have done something about it ?

Well - here is the chance ! Sign up, and it´s there !

A lot of things have to be discussed, of course, but let´s just start to make the organisation, and then do the talking later.
If not, there is not mutch to talk about (exept stoves of course) but anyway.........

Some reasons to do it:
As in America, we in Europe meets a lot of commond regulations through the European commissions, and the CEN-standards.
This will increase, and as it is right now, we have to deal with it as individuals. This way it takes a lot of time for eatch of us who actual deal with it, and those who don´t, do not benefit enough from this work, because they do not know that its done.

Did you knew:

That a standard for "slow heat release appliances" (in fact masonry heaters) EN-15250 was approwed by CEN in 2007 ?
And that this standard is not for the beneficiary for serius masonry heater builders, but mutch more for the big manufactories who wants a big number at the buttomline ?
Sorry, i cannot put a link to this standard, because you have to pay the CEN for it, or be a member as i (and pay even more money for that !!!

That the Commisaire for energy in the European Commision Andris Pielbalg, has made a work-group with stakeholders to find out about what to do about small solid fuelled stoves and boilers, and that this work-group didn´t knew, that masonry heaters really was to take into consideration ? Read about it here.

The EU-commision and the European organisations for Standards is setting the rules, and you just have to follow these rules and standards.
Some of it is o.k. and some of it is certainly not. we can help eatch other to do something about it !

Besides that - we have a lot to learn from each other, to get better and have more fun doing what we really like.

Let´s hear from you !
What do you think ?

The domain www.mhae.org is reserved for us, should we use it ? and for what ?

By the way - i have just been invited to the anual meeting at MHA in North Carolina.
Hope that i will bring back some good ideas.

Who wrote this ?
I did:
Lars Helbro masonry heater builder for 20 years in Denmark

Write to: lars@stenovne.dk